How come i must register with Swiss Post?

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Since 1 January 2019, international mail purchase organizations with a yearly return of CHF 100,000 and above originating from tiny consignments (taxation quantity corresponding to CHF 5.00 or less) provided for clients in Switzerland are also prone to spend value added income tax. The plans you ought to make being a merchant suffering from this legislation for the proper delivery of worldwide postal consignments into Switzerland are lay out in the Federal Tax Administration web site. You may want to register here being business responsible for taxation.

The tips at a look:

  • Join aided by the Federal Tax management (FTA)
  • Start a “Swiss Post Customer Login”
  • Create a “Post CH Ltd client invoice”
  • Complete the enrollment procedures prior to shipping
  • Label your consignments properly

Here’s how it functions

International mail purchase organizations which have registered aided by the Swiss Federal Tax management as a consequence of the Mail Order Regulation 2019 and deliver international consignments that are postal Switzerland also needs to register with Swiss Post.

Registration with Swiss Post is needed to make sure proper traditions approval and invoicing for the consignments. You may also download the electronic taxation assessment choices (eVV) for the consignments delivered to Switzerland.

Within the lack of enrollment, import income tax may be wrongly charged to your receiver or the consignment might be came back.

Just how do I register with Swiss Post?

Registration with Swiss Post underneath the Mail Order Regulation is undertaken in two actions:

  1. Sign up for a “Swiss Post Customer Login”Register at under “Login” being a international mail purchase business with Swiss Post. Your contact information may be confirmed registration that is following.
  2. Sign up for a “Post CH Ltd customer invoice”
  3. Us the details if you are a foreign mail order company (Mail Order Regulation 2019), complete the online form “Swiss Post customer invoice” registration in full and send. It is important to offer a warranty deposit following enrollment.
exactly How should my worldwide consignments that are postal labelled?

To make certain your consignments for mail purchase are precisely prepared, cleared through traditions and invoiced, consignments needs to be labelled according to particular requirements. In the event that labelling is wrong, import income tax can be wrongly charged towards the receiver or even the consignment can be came back.

What this means is you need to connect the documents that are following labels beside the target label for each parcel:

1.1 CN22/23 declaration according to UPU specs (value associated with the products excl. Swiss VAT)
1.2 VAT-compliant invoice with indicator of domestic income tax or even a proforma invoice.

This must range from the VAT quantity (UID no.) of this mail purchase business noted on the VAT register and should always be connected in a document pouch on the exterior of this consignment.

1.3 Label for determining the transmitter: this just offers the title of this international mail purchase business and its particular VAT number (UID no.).

It may maybe perhaps not include any target information. This label must not be significantly less than 5 cm in total and 2 cm tall.

Swiss Post cannot identify items that are collective just isn’t logistically in a position to collectively process specific packed products from a consignment. That is why, please give you the papers and labels described above for every single parcel that is individual.

What’s the procedure when it comes to Swiss Mail Order Regulation?

The procedure when it comes to Swiss Mail Order Regulation is the following:

    The consignment is ready abroad by you, using the after papers and labels being connected:

1.1. CN22/23 declaration

1.2. Invoice or pro forma invoice (including VAT quantity (UID no.) associated with the mail purchase business noted on the VAT register

1.3. Label to spot the mail order company that is foreign

2. Shipping as an item that is postal Switzerland

3. The consignment is cleared and received through traditions in Switzerland by Swiss Post

4. The consignment is delivered and solution costs and state levies are invoiced.

4.1. Provider charges for customs approval and any traditions duties are required through the consignment receiver. This is accomplished either straight upon distribution or retrospectively by invoice.

4.2. The import income tax is charged for you given that international mail order business. Instead, you are able to apply for an import taxation account (ZAZ) using the Federal Customs Administration (FCA). We strongly suggest this task.

Why do we advice you submit an application for an import income tax account (ZAZ)?

Foreign mail purchase businesses running when you look at the market that is swiss encouraged to use for a ZAZ account with all the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) allow automated invoicing of import taxation.

When you have a ZAZ account, make certain you offer it regarding the online kind whenever registering with “Post CH Ltd customer invoice”. Should this be the way it is, Swiss import income tax billing is done directly on your ZAZ account because of the Federal Customs management. You must collect the tax assessment decisions from the Federal Customs Administration if you have your own ZAZ account.

Should your ZAZ account was obstructed for Swiss customs approval by the Federal Customs management, customs approval is done Swiss Post’s ZAZ that is using account. Should you not have a ZAZ account or if the account happens to be obstructed by the Federal Customs management, the import income tax is likely to be invoiced by Swiss Post. A fee of 2% of the import tax amount is charged for the submission of the import tax.