Shouder Faucets

Sink Faucets, Kitchen , Shower ,…

we produce Bathroom Sink Faucets, Kitchen Faucets, Bidet Faucets, Shower Faucets, Bathtub Faucets, Concealed Sink Faucets, Shower Column , Bath Spout, Shower Accessories and so on. Besides, Shouder company has a professional appearance treatment like chrome, white and chrome, black electroplate, black, white.

Shouder Fausets

About Shouder Fausets

Shouder Company started operating in the field of production and supply of sanitary valves since 1991. The mission of this company is production of high-quality products to attain domestic and foreign customers by relying on engineering knowledge in line with modern technologies. This company managed to establish its superiority and excellence among competitors. In the third millennium in which technology growth and optimum water consumption have gained mom importance than ever, Shouder Faucets has been able to match itself with leading international brands through applying modern technology, up-to-date design, high-quality production, supportive services, technical training and also providing the maximum satisfaction of customers. Shouder has relied on its valuable past experiences and also on production of the most efficient, durable and elegant products to take a great step to improve quality.


Our company focuses in construction. The successful efforts of the founder of the group in the fields of residential and commercial construction laid the groundwork for its dynamic and powerful future development.